Heard of Pigeon hole principle?

Issue #2

Today I am discussing the Pigeon hole principle and its vast applications. I happened to see about pigeon-hole theory in one of my social media feeds and thought of digging about it further. I was really amazed to know about its use even though it is a very simple concept. So thought maybe sharing that with you all will be good.

So what’s the pigeon hole principle???

It is a simple concept, suppose we have m number of pigeons and we have n pigeon holes such that m(number of pigeons) > n(number of pigeon holes). Then the pigeon hole principle says that there must be more than one pigeon in at least one pigeon hole.

Another simple example where this example can be applied is if we have 1000 people in a company and their password consists of only 3 digits, then there are at least two people with the same password.

Did you know that this simple concept is applied in various mathematical proofs? One such application is in the proof of Dirichlet’s approximation theorem.

You can find more interesting examples and their solutions that can be solved using the pigeon hole principle through the below link.

Pigeonhole Principle examples

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Last but not least here is a breathtaking portfolio I came across in my Twitter feed 🤯🔥🔥

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